LaRue Band

Winter 2013

Oh winter where did you take our days!!  Here in our wonderful home of Park City the Lash crew is in the thick of the white and fluff where the thrills of skiing, snow hiking, skating and hot yoga take their holds on our attention. We are also enjoying the extended periods between our gigs and... we are finally in the intial mode of getting our butts to the recording studio. Yes, you heard that right...we're finally going to record something! Next week we will go into the studio to lay down a few songs and see how this whole thing will work. If all goes well we will have an album for potential distribution by summer. Yay!

So far this winter we have had a few nice shows. During the Sundance Film Festival we were asked to come back and play again for the Sprint Executive party at the Riverhorse Restaurant. It was a fun show and a few celebs were sighted...but we can't remember their names. Typical. Elaine and Karri hit the Sundance Cafe again and saw an epic show by Andrew Bird. Wow.

We will be playing the Silly Market again this summer and we are starting to get calls for weddings and corporate shows so it's looking like another busy summer for us.

Hope you're all having a good, safe winter. Hug your sweeties. They are all that matters.



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