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Well, May was filled with vacations for some of us thus the lack of a real post so, we'll just say this is for June. Cole had a safe ocean getaway and Elaine successfully came back from her beach vacay with somewhat of a tan. Jack and Mark stayed home to work while Karri had to rush down to New Orleans for her dear grandmother's passing. Jack and Karri et al,are now checking out the music scene in Bend, OR whilst visiting their daughter. Just trying to squeeze in a final getaway before the busy summer music season begins. June will be packed full of fun gigs including a back yard BBQ at the Smith's house. We are going to try and do some recording and video at this show to post on the site so we'll keep you up on that. We also have another Whiskey Wednesday gig at High West on the 20th as well as Jack's big FIVE-O party. But the best part of June is the first ever Lash road trip!! We are heading to Jackson for a big corporate gig and the gang is definately looking forward to getting the creative juices flowing while cruising between the dotted yellow and hanging out in our temp digs. Hopefully we'll get a song or two out of the excursion. And speaking of new songs. Jack, (mostly Jack) Elaine and Karri have been working on one that is sure to be a hit amongst the fans.

We'll see you amongst the flowers!!

Lash L

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