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March Madness

March is here and Lash is ready to play. We'll start this month with a gig at the Wasatch Brew Pub on Main St. This is a new series for the WBP so we're hoping the troops will come and check out the music venue upstairs and drink some fine local brew with us. The next gig will be at the famed Corner Store at the Park City Mountain Resort. This show is outside on the plaza so we're keeping our fingers crossed that it won't be an all out blizzard, which we ALL know can happen. the next show for us is well, a little off the beaten path and will be our first go with the Ramble De Ville series out at our illustious county seat in Coalville. Yes, that's right, Coalville. Bunnies Bar has a sweet "little" spot on the main drag and the locals are always very appreciative of the music that they bring to town. If you have the itch to get outta town please check it out on Sunday, March 25th.

We're starting to get the calls for summer shows too, so we'll be updating the calendar soon.

Last month Jack and I (Karri) went to Seattle to check out the Wintergrass bluegrass festival in Bellevue. It's a festival we have been wanting to go to for years and this year we finally made the commitment to go. Wow! What a time we had. Music and workshops all day and all night. People were jamming everywhere and there was lots and lots of stuff to see and do. And of course there's always good food to eat and good beer to drink. It's Seattle after all. The Hyatt Hotel, where the venue is held is just beautiful and we really felt like we were on a super upscale musical vacation. Nice. Highly recommend.

One of the main reasons we went to Wintergrass was to see one of our favorite bands play for what could be the last time...The Wilder's from Kansas City, MO have decided to take an indefinite hiatus after this winter. I for one, was extremely distraught. I've spent many, many, many hours listening to their awesome music and was one of those crazy fans that you see dancing up in front of the stage whenever I saw them live. They will be sorely missed. To check them out visit  They're a treat!

Happy skiing all!! Get it while you can. Ski season is almost over. :(


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