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February 1

Well, the Sundance Film Fest is finally over. We all saw some good documentaries, a few decent films, some really bad films and a lot of really great music. Mark, Elaine and I witnessed the amazing feats of The All American Rejects,(awesome) Jenny O and the sweet voices of Lisa Hannigan, Ingrid Michaelson and David Gray (sigh). Nothing like seeing these musicians so close up and unplugged. It was inspiring to say the least. We were all ready to seek out Neil Young who had a film in the Slamdance but alas, the day he was giving a talk on his movie was the ONLY powder day we've had all year and that took precedent over Neil. Sorry bud. Cole made it out to see the film but I've heard no reviews so far.

Jack and I also had the pleasure of hosting a touring band from West Virginia at our house for several days during the festival. Brown Chicken Brown Cow which includes Xander, Orion, Matt, Justin and the adorable, harmonica squeezing Kat were wonderful house guests who kept us all on our toes playing late night jams, pushing us to our aged edges trying to keep up with their youthful spirits. We will be doing a double bill with them at High West this June so stay tuned for that one. It is sure to be a barn buster.

During Sundance, Lash LaRue had an awesome gig for the bigwigs from Sprint at High West in which the CEO and his wife stayed to listen to us play... just for them after all his cohorts had left the building. Pretty cool indeed.

So, now we are all enjoying the snow, learning some new songs and trying to write a few after our jolt of inspiration from the bountiful creative surge that just came, and left our wonderful town.

The next gig is at High West for Apres' Ski, 3-6 on Feb. 11th. Hope to see you all there!


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