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Winter 2013

Oh winter where did you take our days!!  Here in our wonderful home of Park City the Lash crew is in the thick of the white and fluff where the thrills of skiing, snow hiking, skating and hot yoga take their holds on our attention. We are also enjoying the extended periods between our gigs and... we are finally in the intial mode of getting our butts to the recording studio. Yes, you heard that right...we're finally going to record something! Next week we will go into the studio to lay down a few songs and see how this whole thing will work. If all goes well we will have an album for potential distribution by summer. Yay!

So far this winter we have had a few nice shows. During the Sundance Film Festival we were asked to come back and play again for the Sprint Executive party at the Riverhorse Restaurant. It was a fun show and a few celebs were sighted...but we can't remember their names. Typical. Elaine and Karri hit the Sundance Cafe again and saw an epic show by Andrew Bird. Wow.

We will be playing the Silly Market again this summer and we are starting to get calls for weddings and corporate shows so it's looking like another busy summer for us.

Hope you're all having a good, safe winter. Hug your sweeties. They are all that matters.




Fall is in the air and Lash LaRue is heaving a huge sigh of relief as our busy summer season has come to an end. We closed fall with a fabulous gig at Riff's Music Store performing to a crowd that had never seen us before...ok there were one or two die-hard fans but for the most part they were all newbies. It was really a treat. We also tried a few new songs that we had been working on last month and they came off better than expected. They will surely be added to the set lists this winter! Now we are all off to enjoy a little hiking, a lot less drinking and hopefully a hand or two at some new material. Jack we're all looking at you!! Jack and Karri are heading back down to New Orleans for a little house work for her mother as well as a visit or two to Frenchman Street and the Gretna Heritage Music Festival (Joe Cocker is playing!!) Cole is heading to Seattle in November to see Neil Young (hell yes!) and Elaine is off to to crew for her husband at the 24 hours of Moab Mtn Bike Race and then Hawaii for the holidays. And Mark: the most sought after stand up bass player in Utah, will be off playing with one of his other three or four groups. We are sure to be back at High West this winter for some more Apre's Ski and Whiskey Wednesdays. We'll keep y'all posted for sure!  Have a marvelous, color-filled fall!!


Well, May was filled with vacations for some of us thus the lack of a real post so, we'll just say this is for June. Cole had a safe ocean getaway and Elaine successfully came back from her beach vacay with somewhat of a tan. Jack and Mark stayed home to work while Karri had to rush down to New Orleans for her dear grandmother's passing. Jack and Karri et al,are now checking out the music scene in Bend, OR whilst visiting their daughter. Just trying to squeeze in a final getaway before the busy summer music season begins. June will be packed full of fun gigs including a back yard BBQ at the Smith's house. We are going to try and do some recording and video at this show to post on the site so we'll keep you up on that. We also have another Whiskey Wednesday gig at High West on the 20th as well as Jack's big FIVE-O party. But the best part of June is the first ever Lash road trip!! We are heading to Jackson for a big corporate gig and the gang is definately looking forward to getting the creative juices flowing while cruising between the dotted yellow and hanging out in our temp digs. Hopefully we'll get a song or two out of the excursion. And speaking of new songs. Jack, (mostly Jack) Elaine and Karri have been working on one that is sure to be a hit amongst the fans.

We'll see you amongst the flowers!!

Lash L

Sweet April

Ahh Yes, April is here and we are all ready to take a vacation. Cole and Elaine will be heading off to warmer climes this month while Mark, Jack and I gut it out  for mud season here in Utah...Oh well. Perhaps we'll get a chance to head down to Southern Utah for a quick burst of heat before the May showers begin. Lash had a nice, mellow March with a few sweet shows at the Corner Store at PCMR, the Legacy Lodge and Bunnies Bar in Coalville...yes, Coalville. One of our best gigs yet we surmised and darn it if we didn't have recorder on! On the 24th we all slopped our way into the trenches at the Canyons Resort to see Little Feat and they did not disappoint. Inspiration!

Our next few gigs will be mostly for charities and non-profits and then we will be kicking off Whiskey Wednesdays at High West on May 9th!  For the meantime, we are learning new songs, writing a few and storing our energy for what is shaping up to be a busy summer of music, love and laughter.

Happy Spring Lassoos!!

Karri, Jack, Mark, Elaine and Coley

March Madness

March is here and Lash is ready to play. We'll start this month with a gig at the Wasatch Brew Pub on Main St. This is a new series for the WBP so we're hoping the troops will come and check out the music venue upstairs and drink some fine local brew with us. The next gig will be at the famed Corner Store at the Park City Mountain Resort. This show is outside on the plaza so we're keeping our fingers crossed that it won't be an all out blizzard, which we ALL know can happen. the next show for us is well, a little off the beaten path and will be our first go with the Ramble De Ville series out at our illustious county seat in Coalville. Yes, that's right, Coalville. Bunnies Bar has a sweet "little" spot on the main drag and the locals are always very appreciative of the music that they bring to town. If you have the itch to get outta town please check it out on Sunday, March 25th.

We're starting to get the calls for summer shows too, so we'll be updating the calendar soon.

Last month Jack and I (Karri) went to Seattle to check out the Wintergrass bluegrass festival in Bellevue. It's a festival we have been wanting to go to for years and this year we finally made the commitment to go. Wow! What a time we had. Music and workshops all day and all night. People were jamming everywhere and there was lots and lots of stuff to see and do. And of course there's always good food to eat and good beer to drink. It's Seattle after all. The Hyatt Hotel, where the venue is held is just beautiful and we really felt like we were on a super upscale musical vacation. Nice. Highly recommend.

One of the main reasons we went to Wintergrass was to see one of our favorite bands play for what could be the last time...The Wilder's from Kansas City, MO have decided to take an indefinite hiatus after this winter. I for one, was extremely distraught. I've spent many, many, many hours listening to their awesome music and was one of those crazy fans that you see dancing up in front of the stage whenever I saw them live. They will be sorely missed. To check them out visit  They're a treat!

Happy skiing all!! Get it while you can. Ski season is almost over. :(


February 1

Well, the Sundance Film Fest is finally over. We all saw some good documentaries, a few decent films, some really bad films and a lot of really great music. Mark, Elaine and I witnessed the amazing feats of The All American Rejects,(awesome) Jenny O and the sweet voices of Lisa Hannigan, Ingrid Michaelson and David Gray (sigh). Nothing like seeing these musicians so close up and unplugged. It was inspiring to say the least. We were all ready to seek out Neil Young who had a film in the Slamdance but alas, the day he was giving a talk on his movie was the ONLY powder day we've had all year and that took precedent over Neil. Sorry bud. Cole made it out to see the film but I've heard no reviews so far.

Jack and I also had the pleasure of hosting a touring band from West Virginia at our house for several days during the festival. Brown Chicken Brown Cow which includes Xander, Orion, Matt, Justin and the adorable, harmonica squeezing Kat were wonderful house guests who kept us all on our toes playing late night jams, pushing us to our aged edges trying to keep up with their youthful spirits. We will be doing a double bill with them at High West this June so stay tuned for that one. It is sure to be a barn buster.

During Sundance, Lash LaRue had an awesome gig for the bigwigs from Sprint at High West in which the CEO and his wife stayed to listen to us play... just for them after all his cohorts had left the building. Pretty cool indeed.

So, now we are all enjoying the snow, learning some new songs and trying to write a few after our jolt of inspiration from the bountiful creative surge that just came, and left our wonderful town.

The next gig is at High West for Apres' Ski, 3-6 on Feb. 11th. Hope to see you all there!


A little dust from the trail

The holidays are almost over and Lash is gearing up for some winter fun at our local haunts here in Park City. Because we all love our beauty rest so much we don't tend to play at the late night music clubs, therefore the amount of appearances this winter and spring will be fewer than our summer schedule. For the most part you will most likely catch us at the High West Whiskey Distillery for Apres' Ski or Whiskey Wednesdays and perhaps a night or two, here or there. We also have a show on March 22nd on the plaza at the Corner Store at Park City Mountain Resort. (we hope it doesn't snow that day!)

We are always available for weddings and parties and such, which we love. Please give our band hooker errr.. booker, Jack for info on that. His contact info is


Hope everyone is having a great holiday season. 2012 is sure to be a good one!


Karri Dell

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